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Understand the importance of your toothbrush

Understand the importance of your toothbrush

Perhaps you thought that the only use for a toothbrush was to remove plaque, and indeed that is true to a certain extent; however, there are many different types of mouths and, therefore, many different needs.

To cover all these needs, we need to adapt the shape and materials of each toothbrush to the conditions that each mouth requires.

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The brush head

You will have noticed that some of our brush heads are small and diamond shaped. Experts believe that a small head with a rounded tip offers greater precision, and this allows it to reach the areas at the back of the mouth, thereby benefitting the oral health of people with malpositioned teeth. Small, rounded heads are also better at cleaning erupting teeth, and they are also the best option for children who are making the move from junior to adult toothbrushes.

Tynex bristles

The bristles that come into contact with our teeth and gums must be of the highest quality and have the correct softness. Here at Lacer we adapt the size and thickness of the bristles on each type of toothbrush to the care or attention that your mouth needs. To give you an idea, our Lacer Surgical toothbrush are fitted with bristles that are 0.003 in diameter.


Anatomical handle and wide grip surface. Its non-slip non-slip system prevents the handle from slipping while brushing.

Toothbrush covers

It is important keep the bristles of your toothbrush free of outside bacteria because otherwise these bacteria would come into contact with your mouth. Moreover, a certain amount of ventilation is necessary to allow any dampness or wetness to transpire and to stop any fungus from developing. Therefore, we include a transpirable but safe cover with our toothbrushes.

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You will have already noticed that toothbrushes are far more complex than they might initially seem. Many variables come into play in the design of a toothbrush that will perfectly meet all your oral health needs, and for this reason it is essential for you to choose the toothbrush that is best suited to your mouth.

And remember that you should change your toothbrush every three months. However, if you notice that the bristles are not doing their job properly you should change your brush even earlier.

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