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Orthodontics help us to resolve oral health problems by aligning the layout of our teeth, thereby improving oral functionality and the aesthetics of the mouth.

However, orthodontic appliances also add serious difficulties to basic oral hygiene tasks: it is more difficult to brush out as much plaque as possible, get total access to interdental spaces or rinse with mouthwash.

However, we don’t have to worry because maintaining a healthy mouth while wearing orthodontics is possible thanks to specific oral hygiene products.


If we wear orthodontic appliances, we need to maximize our oral care and follow a complete hygiene routine that eliminates all plaque as this will reduce the possibility of developing an oral disease. Even if we do take good care, it is common to suffer from canker sores or a reddening of the gums because of rubbing or abrasion against the orthodontic appliances, and accordingly we should use specialized products to treat the sores.



  1. Place the bristles of the toothbrush on the surface of the teeth next to the gums. Place the tips of the bristles at an angle of 45º in the direction of the gums.
  2. Maintain the brush on the gums and use a smooth rotating movement and then drag the bristles over the surface of the tooth in the direction of the face of the tooth where you chew, taking special care to clean between the braces and inside the interdental spaces.
  3. Try not to miss any zones when brushing and pay special attention to crevices and interdental spaces.
  4. Repeat this action for all your teeth. You can also use this technique to clean the subgingival sulcus. You should brush horizontally with short movements on the sides where you chew.
  5. Use brushes for the interdental area or use a water pick to get rid of any plaque located in the interdental area.

Here at Lacer, we make every effort to make sure that our products fulfil their purpose, and this is even more important when they must overcome the handicap for oral hygiene posed by wearing an orthodontic appliances.