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Dry mouth caused by the improper functioning of the salivary glands is called xerostomia. We can detect it from a sensation of viscosity in the mouth or if our saliva is thick and stringy. Throat pain together with a feeling of dryness could also be a symptom of xerostomia.

What causes xerostomia?

  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Medicines and treatments
  • Disorders of the salivary glands


Xerostomía 01



Dry mouth is a common problem that must be treated as in most cases it can cause discomfort in everyday activities such as speaking or swallowing.

Long-term xerostomia can produce tooth decay and oral thrush as well as halitosis. It is accompanied by a sensation of dryness in the mouth that improves slightly whenever we drink liquids; the tongue may also feel dry or lumpy.

We have developed a range of products to effectively treat dry mouth and provide complete oral hygiene for people with xerostomia.

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