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Tooth Sensitivity

If you notice the symptoms of dentine sensitivity, you should not worry. Dentine hypersensitivity or “sensitive teeth” is a short and irksome painful feeling, but it only occurs when the tooth comes into contact with some external stimulus such as cold, heat, candy or aggressive brushing. It is not serious, but you should look after your condition and visit a dentist.

It can also appear in teeth that might seem healthy, although you should be aware that there is a greater predisposition when the dentin is exposed because of damage to the enamel or because of a receding gum edge. We recommend that you remain vigilant to any changes of this nature in your mouth.

What can cause dentin sensitivity?

  • Inadequate oral hygiene techniques: incorrect, aggressive brushing, etc.
  • Thermal stimuli: very hot or very cold food or drinks (e.g. ice cream)
  • Estímulos químicos: bebidas o alimentos dulces o ácidos


Hipersensibilidad dental 01



The exposure of the dentin generates greater sensitivity when it comes into contact with external stimuli. If you suffer from dentin hypersensitivity and you take certain hot, cold or sugary foods, you will notice anything from slight discomfort to a sharp, piercing pain in one or several teeth.

Our team of experts has developed a range of products that treat and look after dentine sensitivity in an effective manner.