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Teeth whitening

It is normal to be concerned about having healthy, white teeth as on many occasions a yellowish smile transmits a negative image of a person who does not look after himself or herself.

Yellowed or stained teeth have more than one cause. There are several variables that can cause yellow teeth and leave you with an unhealthy-looking appearance as a result. Certain habits that you might not have eliminated yet, such as a high coffee consumption or not brushing your teeth after a meal, might be having an effect on the colour of your teeth.

What darkens teeth?

  • Eating habits
  • Coffee, tea or infusions
  • Red wine
  • Chocolate
  • Dark-coloured fruits and vegetables
  • Any dark-coloured sauce, food or beverage
  • Tartar build-up
  • Tabaco


Blanqueamiento dental


Tooth enamel is blueish-white in colour and translucent. This means that the dentin located inside the tooth is visible through it. Therefore, the overall colour of the tooth is a combination of the colour of the dentine and the thickness of the enamel.

Consequently, stains, decolouring or colouring may appear even if you do not consume any of the aforementioned foods. Moreover, enamel wears away with age and the yellow colour of the dentine becomes more visible.

Plaque deposits also yellow our teeth. Diabetics, smokers or people with reduced mobility tend to experience tartar build-up. Factors such as hormonal changes, a reduction in saliva due to illness or the use of medicines that dry the mouth also favour the accumulation of plaque.

We can prevent our teeth from yellowing by giving up smoking and controlling the consumption of food or drinks that could darken our teeth, in addition to maintaining a brushing and rinsing routine with LacerBlanc after each meal. A visit to the dentist every six months is also recommended.

After months of development, our specialists have created products that will help whiten your teeth.