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Tooth Cavities

You may feel pain in some of your teeth or in specific areas of your teeth and then wonder whether you have cavities or tooth decay. The pain may be due to other oral diseases, but tooth decay is one of the most common reasons.

Tooth decay occurs when a section of the hard tissue of the tooth deteriorates because of the acids produced by bacterial plaque.

What causes tooth decay?

  • Too much sugary food
  • Poor dental hygiene including the interdental areas


Evolution of tooth decay:

Caries dentales 01



Fortunately, the symptoms of tooth decay are easy to detect. A sharp, piercing pain in a tooth or in a specific area that gets worse when you eat cold or hot food is usually one of the first symptoms of tooth decay. You should be on the lookout for any holes, coffee-coloured stains or white stains on your teeth.

Some people feel some dentin sensitivity when they touch the tooth and they notice a reddening of the gums. Ideally, you should visit your dentist if you show any of these symptoms.

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