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Teeth whitening for healthy white teeth

Teeth whitening for healthy white teeth

A radiant smile is the best letter of presentation and shiny, white teeth will be your best allies in getting one.

Beyond making a good first impression, keeping your teeth clean will keep your oral hygiene at the very highest level.

Wear a smile without limits with professional teeth whitening. This cosmetic dentistry treatment eliminates dental stains and gets your teeth back to their original colour.

Teeth-whitening: definition, uses and types

This technique is based on an oxidoreduction chemical process aimed at lightening the pigmentations of the tooth enamel surface. It is a very effective solution in terms of eliminating the yellowish colouring of teeth or stains.

A teeth-whitening treatment can combat intrinsic stains and extrinsic stains.

  • Intrinsic or endogenous stains are those that are caused by the consumption of certain medicines, dental enamel hypoplasia, vitamin deficiency or fluorosis. They also appear after teeth eruption or they can be caused by blows, fractures or the ageing of teeth, which take on a darker tone over time.

  • Extrinsic or exogenous stains are those that are the consequence of teeth coming into contact with the pigmenting agents present in certain foods, dark drinks and other factors such as smoking.

There are different types of teeth whitening and the choice of one or another will depend on each patient. So, if you are thinking about whitening your teeth, put yourself in the hands of your dentist and let him or her advise you.

But it doesn’t all end here. A healthy routine is essential if you want to keep your teeth impeccable and it will help to prolong your teeth-whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening for healthy white teeth

The keys to prolonging your teeth-whitening treatment

Being aware of the “enemies” of healthy white teeth is essential in terms of prolonging the effects of your treatment and to avoid having to repeat the process in the short term.

Make sure that you know what to do and what not to do to prevent any disorders that could stain your teeth.

Healthy habits

Preventing the colour of your teeth from changing is also in your hands, or to be more precise, in your routine. Be aware of bad habits that change the colouring of your teeth and try to reduce them or avoid them as much as possible.

Oral hygiene

A good brushing routine is essential with regard to taking care of the colour of your teeth. Experts recommend that you brush gently at least 3 times a day after each meal, and you should make sure to brush across the entire tooth surface. Find out all the things that you can do to look after your oral health and keep your teeth white and healthy.

Whitening products

A healthy routine combined with the following specialised products is the perfect combination to extend your teeth whitening treatment to the full:

  • Whitening and protective action toothpaste.

  • Mouth rinse or mouthwash.

  • A teeth-whitening kit of limited use consisting of a photoluminescent dental ferule, a preparatory dental gel and teeth-whitening gel toothpaste.

As you can see, a professional whitening treatment combined with a healthy routine can ensure that your teeth remain white and healthy thus allowing you to smile with confidence and without limits.

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