Tooth brushing

Manual brushing


The most significant factor in the development of caries is the accumulation of bacterial plaque or biofilm (accumulation of food debris, detritus and microorganisms such as bacteria) on the tooth surface; the main preventative treatment is to remove it. Therefore, correct tooth brushing is essential for eliminating this dental plaque. The Bass technique is one of the most commonly used techniques for good tooth brushing. It is described in the Advice on brushing section.

Rest the bristles of the brush on the teeth, specifically on the tooth surface closest to the gums. Position the tips of the bristles at an angle of 45º in the direction of the gums. Without lifting the brush off, make a gentle rotating movement (with a width of less than one tooth) and then drag the bristles over the tooth surface in the direction of the biting surface.

Try not to leave any areas unbrushed; pay special attention to gaps and spaces between the teeth. Repeat this action on all the teeth. This technique also cleans the gingival sulcus. On the biting surfaces, brushing should be horizontal with short movements.

After brushing, always remember to clean your tongue with the brush: it will improve your breath. Brush for at least three minutes and clean the inner, outer and upper or biting surfaces of all the teeth.

Incorrect brushing: Do not brush teeth horizontally, as it could damage the gums and the neck of the teeth.


Electric brushing


With electric toothbrushes, it is advisable not to make any sweeping movements (the brush is already programmed to make the correct sweeping or back and forth movement). Place the brush on your teeth and move it sideways tooth by tooth, without applying pressure, sliding it gently over all of your teeth and brushing both the inner and outer surfaces of each tooth. It is important to brush for at least two minutes, cleaning the whole oral cavity, inside and out, without forgetting to clean the biting surfaces.

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